The Wellness Day

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Nourish & Inspire: The Wellness Day



The programme consists of a series of seven author-led panel discussions with 20 authors around the theme of wellness – covering topics from self-care, to sustaining a healthy diet, to networking, to sobriety, as well as three fifteen-minute free micro sessions of meditation, yoga and fitness.

The day promises to nourish, inspire and delight as well as providing you with the tools to embrace wellness in your every day life – no matter how busy you are.

You can book tickets to each individual event for £10 or, buy an all day ticket for £50 and attend all the events as well as three bonus mini-sessions of meditation, fitness and yoga.



9-9.15am Micropause Session – FREE for all day ticket holders

Join Executive Life Coach, Danielle Marchant for a session of calm and tranquility as she guides you through some simple meditations.

Tickets: FREE with an All Day Ticket



9.30-10.30am Eating Mindfully at Every Stage

Nourishing your body is just as important as nourishing your mind. Learn all about eating mindfully from cooking with plant-based food, achieving hormonal health through food, to key ingredients for midlifers.

Tickets: £10



10.30am-11.30am What Is Self-Care Really All About?

Self-care is not a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity in order to be healthy. But what does it all really mean, and how should we be embracing it?

Tickets: £10




11.30am-12.30pm How to Build a Career From Your Hobby

Find out how to turn your hobby into a career from those who’ve achieved it within the wellness industry.

Tickets: £10




12.30-1.30pm The Power of You – Small Changes for Big Progress

Mindfulness has become an increasingly hot topic, but it’s not just a buzz word. Find out the power of mindfulness and how best to achieve it with just a few simple changes.

Tickets: £10 including complimentary sandwiches and teas & coffees




1.30-2.30pm How to Network – The Unique Ways to Use Social Media

Improve your networking skills and learn how to use social media to build your profile from those who have successfully used social media as a springboard to launch their careers.

Tickets: £10




2.30-2.45pm PMA Pick Me Up –  FREE for all day ticket holders

Join a fifteen-minute Positive Mental Attitude pick-me-up class focussed on harnessing your own PMA.

Tickets: FREE with an All Day Ticket




3-4pm Ridding Your Life of Negativity – From Digital Detoxing to Sobriety

Detoxing doesn’t have to feel restricting, it can be incredibly liberating. We’ll be learning all about the best ways to cut out the bad stuff, and focus on the positives.

Tickets: £10




4-5pm Natural Remedies – Nourish Your Skin & Prevent Ailments

Learn how to rejuvenate your skin and prevent ailments naturally, with simple techniques and easily accessible ingredients.

Tickets: £10




5-5.15pm Wind Down with Yoga –  FREE for all day ticket holders

End the day with a guided meditation and relaxing yoga session.

Tickets: FREE with an All Day Ticket









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