Calm, safe-place guided meditation script

This is just a sample of a visualization you can share with your child. Create your own based on your favourite places:

Take my hand, we are going to wander down to the beach together. Slip off your shoes and feel the warmth of the soft sand beneath your feet. It is a lovely summer’s afternoon and the blue sky is dotted with puffy white clouds. The day is very still, barely a breeze and the water is very calm. Look out and see the sunlight glinting on the surface of the gentle waves. As we walk closer to the water’s edge, notice the sand becoming firmer and cooler underfoot. Pause and take a moment to write in the sand, where the ocean laps the shore, any worries or concerns you are carrying. Watch as the waves wash them away – the ocean can hold them for you. It’s ok to release your worries. Notice how it feels to let them go. If they linger, know you can always give voice to them with me and I will help you.

Gaze out to sea. Can you taste the salty sea air? Who else is here with us today? Sometimes there are dolphins playing together in the waves. If we’re lucky we might even see a whale breach. Look out for pelicans on the wing or the old white sea eagle wheeling far out to sea. There are always cheeky seagulls to chase.

Now we walk along the water’s edge toward the rock pools. Let’s see what we can find today. There might be starfish, shells, brightly coloured fish darting about, maybe even a hermit crab.
What can you see?

As we stand with the waves lapping at our feet, notice the sound of the birds beginning their ritual of roosting for the evening in the tall trees behind you. Hear them happily squawking to each other, snuggling in with their loved ones, a deep sense of safety as they settle for the night. This is a calm, safe place.

We head back to the warm, soft sand and take a seat together. Feel my arm draped around your shoulder, drawing you near. The sun is setting and the white clouds are turning a milky pink. The whole sky is turning a golden pink, mirrored by the surface of the water, the colour of love. The chorus of the birds is getting louder as the day is drawing to a close. Feel the deep peacefulness of this place and know that you can come here any time you want. Feel the warmth of my embrace, wrapping you up in my care. Everything is ok as it is.

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