Write down several self-care activities inspired by these key things:

1. Sleep, rest, relaxation
2. Movement & nutrition
3. Coping skills
4. Physical environment 
5. Social connection
6. Mood boosters
7. Goal-setting & accomplishments
8. Values & purpose 

Use your notes to create your own Self-Care Toolkit and keep it to hand for easy reference. You can either simply list all the self-care activities that appeal to you now or you could try bringing self-care to life by generating a list of mood states and writing down what you’ll do to help yourself in that circumstance. Write out your statements in the form of ‘If I am feeling X, then I will do Y’.

Here is an example of a self-care toolkit: 

If I am feeling low, then I will use my journal to reflect on
my goals.

If I am feeling fatigued, then I will stand up tall and take six mountain breaths.

If I am feeling time poor, then I will repeat: ‘I have all the time I need’.

If I am feeling anxious, then I will smooth out my breathing and relax any physical tension I find.

If I am feeling lonely, then I will scan through who’s on my team and reach out to someone.

If I am feeling reactive, then I will seek out nature and take a moment to enjoy its beauty.

If I am feeling scattered, then I will focus on my personal ‘why’.

If I am feeling bored, then I will think about something I am looking forward to. 

If I am feeling fed up, then I will take a walk around the block to let off steam.

If I am feeling frustrated with someone I love, then I will zoom in on their captivating qualities.

If I am feeling happy, then I will savour it!

More guidance on building your own self-care toolkit in The Self-Care Revolution

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